A new tool for agri-food industries

What is metagenomics suitable for?

Metagenomics offers a revolutionary tool for a wide range of food-related fields, such as:

  • Improvement of food quality by monitoring and identifying changes in the flora during the ageing process of a food product.
  • Identification of the source of contamination.
  • Management of changes in the production process or the recipe in order to extend the shelf life or to improve the quality of a food product.

All the actors in the food chain (from farm to fork) stand to benefit from the use of the metagenomics:

  • Manufacturers whose purpose is to offer an innovative, quality-controlled product.
  • Wholesalers wishing to optimise their distribution chain.
  • Inspectors whose duty is to safeguard the microbiological quality of the food.

By offering this highly innovative technology, Quality Partner is answersing to a high demanding market and offers companies an efficient solution to improve their food products. As a European pioneer in metagenomics, Quality Partner makes a major contribution to the optimisation of food testing and food chain knowledge.