A new tool for agri-food industries

What is metagenomics?

Metagenomics is a recent technology that allows identifying microorganisms in ecosystems such as food products.

Metagenomics forms a breakthrough in food analysis. In one single test, it enables to identify thousands of microorganisms in food matrices. It is an extremely fast method for screening complex ecosystems.

Metagenomics marks a major milestone in food microbiology. This innovative technology is helping food business operators to gain a much better understanding and to control the bacterial flora in foodstuffs, more so than ever before in the classical microbiology.

Indeed, laboratories generally propose classical microbiology or culture dependent techniques to follow and identify some groups or specific microorganisms. These technologies have several limitations: they are laborious, time consuming and less cost-efficient. Moreover, they are ineffective to identify microorganisms in such a level and precision as metagenomics does.

Metagenomics maps the DNA of the microorganisms and, in addition, provides an insight upon the interaction with the environment. This revolutionary technology will enable professionals from the food industry to be more innovative in their competitive market.